How can the Alaska Chapter AFS help increase accessibility to fisheries and related fields?

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) of the AFS Alaska Chapter aims to foster a professional community where everyone feels welcome, respected, and supported. We advocate for policies and procedures that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in fisheries science and resource management. We also strive to remove systemic barriers to participation and serve as a resource to help recruit and retain individuals with underrepresented identities.

We are always looking for suggestions about how to improve one’s sense of belonging within our professional society. Please let us know if you have ideas about how we can meet this lofty goal (e.g., specific events or programs, targeted workshops, meeting-related activities or initiatives)! It will take commitment from all of us to do the important and shared work of making fisheries more accessible within the Alaska Chapter of AFS.

Click here to share your thoughts and ideas about increasing DEI within the Alaska Chapter of AFS and in AK fisheries (in general). Please also feel free to contact us directly at We’d love to hear from you!