AK AFS Comments on Pebble DEIS

The Alaska Chapter worked with the Western Division and the Parent Society to review the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) submitted by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE).

After careful revision of the documents the Chapter, Division and Society find

Based on our review of the DEIS submitted by the ACOE for the Proposed Pebble Mine, we find it fails to meet the basic standards of scientific rigor in a region that demands the highest level of scrutiny and thoroughness. The DEIS is an inadequate assessment of the potential impacts of the project. Specifically, we find the DEIS is deficient because 1) The impacts and risks to fish and their habitats are vastly underestimated; 2) many of the conclusions are not supported by the data or analysis that has been provided; and 3) critical information is missing.


As fishery scientists and resource managers, we are concerned that the DEIS will clear the way for a project whose impacts to fisheries and the watershed cannot be adequately reduced or mitigated. We do not believe the impacts and risks to fish and fish habitat have been fully described and we disagree with many conclusions reached based on the available data and ecological knowledge.  Consequently, we recommend the No Action Alternative as the best path forward with respect to the proposed Pebble Mine.

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To review the DEIS of for additional information on the project go to; https://pebbleprojecteis.com/

To Submit comments by the July 1st deadline go: https://pebbleprojecteis.com/publiccomments/neweiscomment