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Summer 2020 Newsletter!

Dear AFS Alaska Chapter members and other Fish-Heads, Attached is the summer 2020 issue of the AFS Alaska Chapter newsletter, Oncorhynchus. I hope you are all able to stay safe, while still getting out to enjoy and work in our great resources. As always, keep in mind articles for the next newsletter. All the best!... Read More

2020 Molly Ahlgren Scholarship Announced

2020 Molly Ahlgren Scholarship announced The Molly Ahlgren Scholarship was established by the family of Dr. Molly Ahlgren and the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in 2004 to honor her life and dedication as an Associate Professor of environmental science at Sheldon Jackson College < >. Honoring Dr. Ahlgren’s passion for undergraduate education... Read More

AK AFS Comments on Pebble DEIS

The Alaska Chapter worked with the Western Division and the Parent Society to review the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) submitted by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE). After careful revision of the documents the Chapter, Division and Society find Based on our review of the DEIS submitted by the ACOE for the Proposed Pebble... Read More

AK Chapter comments on WOTUS

The Environmental Concerns committee, the Executive Committee and a an ad-hoc group of fisheries professionals worked to prepare comments in response to the current administrations reclassification of the Waters of the U.S. Definition. “The Alaska Chapter of AFS opposes the proposed rule because it removes existing regulations and fails to adequately protect functionally-significant wetlands and... Read More

The 2018 Executive Committee Election

This year, Alaska Chapter members are electing candidates to four seats on the Executive Committee. We received four nominations for the Vice President position; however, three of the individuals could not commit at this time. We received two nominations for the Student Representative position; however, one nominee had already finished school. Only one person was... Read More