Wally Noerenberg Award Committee

Chairperson: Milo Adkison
email: milo.adkison@alaska.gov

Note: The Committee Chair serves a three-year term. The Chair must be a Chapter member, but cannot be a Past President of the Chapter. Three Past Presidents will be randomly selected by the Chair to serve on the Committee. Past Presidents will be eligible for the random selection if they are Chapter Members. Once selected, Committee members will serve staggered three-year terms each, so a single Committee member is replaced each year. If a term is vacated prematurely, a new Past President will be randomly selected to fulfill the incomplete term. No Committee member, including the Chair, may be currently serving as a voting member of the Executive Committee.

Background and mission:
The Wally Noerenberg Award for Fishery Excellence, the highest award of the Alaska Chapter, is bestowed as a special honor on individuals who have made great and outstanding contributions to Alaska fisheries. This award was established in 1981 by resolution of the membership. Contributions by nominees may include: scientific research; technological development; species and habitat management; innovations in harvesting, processing, or marketing; academics and fishery education; or involvement in national and international affairs affecting Alaska fisheries.

Detailed information about the formation and administration of the Wally Noerenberg Award and Committee is included in the 1981 resolution that established the Award, and in amendments and resolutions as adopted by the Chapter membership during the 1983 and 1989 business meetings.


  • Solicit nominations by publishing the established form in Oncorhynchus. The nomination deadline is January 31 in a given year.
  • Select, by secret ballot and simple majority, not more than three nominations for further consideration as finalists. The Committee may choose not to consider any of the nominees as finalists.
  • Seek supportive documentation for the nomination as needed to come to a decision.
  • Determine which (if any) finalist will be selected by majority vote. The Chair will not vote except in the case of the death or resignation of a Committee member.
  • Recommend the proposed recipient (if any) to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee must approve by a two-thirds majority.
  • Ensure that the Executive Committee commissions a plaque and provides a cash award to the recipient.