Resolutions and Bylaws Committee

Chairperson: Toshihide “Hamachan” Hamazaki
Phone: 267-2158
Fax: 267-2442

Background and mission:
The primary mission of the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee is to review proposed resolutions and Bylaw changes and make recommendations to the Executive Committee. This committee also works with the Past President in updating the Chapter Procedures Manual. Resolutions are formal expressions of the Chapter’s views and serve as a way for the Chapter to focus attention on relevant issues affecting Alaska’s fishery resources. Amendments of Bylaws (Appendix A) passed at an annual meeting take effect at the close of that meeting unless subsequently they are rejected by the AFS Constitutional Consultant or Executive Committee, in which case the last version of the Bylaws prior to the rejected amendment will be in effect.

Every resolution that is submitted to the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee must be considered and discussed by the Chapter. However, a Resolution will not be accepted for consideration without an individual or subcommittee to serve as a resource to provide technical information; a DRAFT cover letter of distribution; and, a list of addresses for the DRAFT distribution of the DRAFT Resolution.


  • As provided in the Bylaws, the Committee Chair shall report to the Executive Committee on all resolutions, any issues surrounding a resolution that the Committee finds appropriate, any alternative resolution that the Committee might propose, and a provide a recommendation on whether to present a resolution to the membership. The report to the Executive Committee shall include both pro and con statement positions.
  • Prepare resolutions for presentation to the membership in an appropriate Society format.
  • Review any proposed Bylaw changes for consistency with the objectives of the Chapter and the Constitution of the Parent Society and prepare the proposed changes in an appropriate format.
  • Provide the President and the membership an annual report that reviews any resolutions or proposed bylaw changes and actions. This report shall include the Executive Committee rationale if the Executive Committee does not approve a recommended action of the Resolutions Committee.
  • Upon approval of a resolution, provide copies to the Secretary of the Alaska Chapter and to the Western Division and the Society Resolution Committee Chairs and the Society Executive Director.
  • Assist the Past President in annually updating the Chapter Procedure Manual as needed to reflect changes to the Chapter’s operating procedures as adopted by the Chapter Executive Committee or the Chapter membership.