Program Committee


The Chapter President-Elect is always the Chair of the Program Committee. The Chair may appoint a Local Arrangements Coordinator and other members as needed to achieve the Committee’s mission.

Background and Mission:
The primary mission of the Committee is to plan and coordinate the local arrangements for the Annual Meeting of the Alaska Chapter.


  • Select the location and theme for the annual meeting and announce this in the winter issue of the Chapter Newsletter. The selection of the city must be approved by the Executive committee. In practice, meeting locations have been rotated among different geographic regions of the state.
  • Complete a tentative agenda with proposed sessions and announce this tentative agenda in the spring issue of the newsletter with a Call for Papers. Repeat Call for Papers in the summer issue. Publish revised agenda in the fall issue.
  • Review abstracts that are submitted and correspond with authors concerning acceptance or rejection of papers. Establish and provide guidelines for final abstracts and audio/visual requirements to session chairs and authors.
  • Finalize the agenda, compile abstracts, and print for distribution during registration at the annual meeting.
  • Review registration fee structure for approval by the Executive Committee. The Chapter’s intent is that registration requires Chapter membership. Registration forms must provide a fee structure which results in payment of membership fees by those registering who are not currently AFS members. Registration fees shall be adequate to cover the costs of the meetings and sufficient funds for the production and mailing of the newsletter over the next year. Consider any special registration fees; e.g., waiver of registration fees for student members.
  • Arrange for pre-registration, audio/visual equipment, meals, meeting rooms, and needed facilities. Negotiate for reduced group rates for lodging and for complimentary rooms at the host site.
  • Inform the membership in the fall newsletter of arrangements, including transportation options, special events, lodging, meeting rooms, and meals.
  • Obtain list of that year’s 25-year pin recipients from the Membership Manager so that list of names can be included in Chapter’s annual meeting program and be announced at the Chapter banquet.