Past-Presidents Committee


The Chapter Past-President is always the Chair of the Past-Presidents Committee.

Background and Mission:
The Past Presidents Committee was established at the 20th annual meeting of the Chapter on 1993. The Chapter’s Executive Committee believed that Past Presidents possess a large reservoir of knowledge and experience of potential value to the Chapter, and they felt that a more formal mechanism for tapping into this experience was needed. The Executive Committee suggested that establishing a committee comprised of Past Presidents would provide a process for including Past Presidents of the Chapter in regular and special Chapter activities.


  • Convene annually in association with the Chapter’s annual meeting during the Past Presidents Luncheon. The Chapter President or the committee chair may call special meetings as necessary.
  • Provide advice and comment to the Chapter President and Executive Committee on issues affecting fish and fisheries in Alaska or special concerns facing the Chapter. Recommendations from the Past Presidents Committee may take the form of verbal briefings or written comments.
  • Particularly important to the Chapter is the committee’s advice and comment on advocacy issues that come before the Chapter. The committee will respond to concerns from the Chapter President or Executive Committee over advocacy issues and provide feedback or recommendations on whether the Chapter’s advocacy positions appear to be fair, impartial, apolitical, science-based, and adhere to the Chapter’s policies and procedures.