Fisheries and Environmental Education Committee

Chair: vacant

Please contact a chapter officer if you are interested in chairing this committee or for more information!

Background and mission:
The Fisheries and Environmental Education Committee is an ad hoc ongoing committee of the Alaska Chapter. It was established by the EXCOM to impart outreach knowledge, and stimulate respect and stewardship of Alaska’s unique fisheries and aquatic resources.


  • Promote stewardship of Alaska’s fisheries and aquatic resources.
  • Sponsor a fisheries outreach session during the annual Alaska Chapter AFS meeting.
  • Provide advice and contact names to fisheries professionals needing assistance with outreach activities.
  • Provide information on Committee activities to the EXCOM, Chapter Secretary, and at annual Chapter meetings.
  • Develop a communication network among fisheries educators. A Directory of Fisheries and Aquatic Educators will help facilitate this communication network. This directory will be distributed to each of the committee members and any interested Chapter members to improve networking and communication. It will also be distributed to the State’s largest educator associations ANROE (Alaska Natural Resource & Outdoor Education Ass.) and NAME (Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators Association) to serve as a resource reference.